Fraction Representation Makers

One of the things I always find difficult when teaching fractions is finding accurate ways to create the images I desire. I have found two sites which create the representations I want in my lessons.

The first is part of a large suite of online materials. has a large range of tools linked to fractions. The page above is the basic fraction maker which I use a lot. The site has clear instructions for each area and works really well. The downsides, for me, are the lack of colour choice and no possibility to change the orientation of the final image. It can, however, create improper fractions.

The second site I use is‘s fraction shape maker.

This has the option to make shapes as polygons or circles, provides space to apply a custom colour and can rotate the images. Unlike my other option, this cannot make images for improper fractions.

As always, if you use these links in your lessons, I’d love to hear how you get on!