Secret Headteacher: 17 Maths Warm Up Games

A recent blog on the Secret Headteacher website highlighted 17 Maths Warm Up games.

It’s very handy to have such a great list readily available to fill those extra few minutes at the end of the day or before lunch.

I really like the addition of Parking Panic to aid the development of visual logical thinking.

Link: Secret Headteacher: 17 maths warm up games

Free Download: Mathematical Vocabulary Flashcards

The following ten files are a straightforward set of mathematical vocabulary flashcards. I have grouped them by topic and have written on in small lettering where in the curriculum the term is introduced.

A sample page from the addition and subtraction group is shown below. All of the pages share the same design.

Page 1 of “Addition and subtraction vocabulary.pdf”

Feel free to share with colleagues – I would love to know how they are being used.